I think the National Australia Bank sucks

"True obscenity is to know the truth and deny it" -Santayana

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I think the National Australia Bank sucks

Why I hate the nab
So you think you can trust your bank, after all, only nasty mortgage brokers would set you up with a predatory loan and aren’t regulated enough to keep ‘em honest.  Well I have news for you, don’t count on it.  Even the big banks indulge in dodgy loans and then when you do what you no doubt will (default on your loan) they come and take your property and sell it off quickly (that means they take any amount for it regardless of its real value).  Most people don’t even realise that they’ve been had so they just walk away. Now I do have to make the distinction – we are not talking mortgages obtained when you could afford the repayments and then your life circumstances change and you find that you can’t meet repayments, that’s life, it happens; it really sucks but it happens all the same. What I’m talking about is a loan approved by a bank when what little supporting documentation you have proves you cannot meet repayment obligations. These are predatory loans and they are illegal and immoral.
Now I have had comments that in my case it was not a predatory loan but a case of unconscionable lending and the issue is relevant to the Trades Practices Act and not Section 70 of the Consumer Credit Code - ok, here is my big 'confession', I am a housewife and not a lawyer - but then again, I don't remember ever saying to anybody that I knew anything about the law at all.  Although today I will admit I know the law - I know damn well that the law exists only to protect the rich and their assets and the rest of us are just irrelevant - did that come off slightly cynical?  

I want to use this website as a forum to not only tell my story about my fight with the National Australia Bank but also to be a source of information for others like me so that we all get a fair go.
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Banking Law & its abuses

Just for starters though – when this started with the first default notices issued to us, I was told that banking law exists to protect the banks – NEWS FLASH – banking law exists to protect US from THEM; it’s just that they have so much money, power and influence that no-one can afford to stand up to them.  That’s just one thing I want to change, I want banking law to be accessible to us.  There are laws that govern what banks do but they just seem to get away with murder – the nab has survived many an investigation by ASIC even though they obviously did the wrong thing (follow the links, I wouldn’t put information on here that I can’t back up, & if they're not here today they should be by tomorrow, but google it if you like).

The principle of the thing

I hope you find the information provided here useful and that you don’t just assume that I am just an idiot who should have known better.  All I want is my day in court, I want the bank held accountable for their actions – they know the law, they know they overstepped the mark.
The original website rant can be found as a pdf.  You will need Adobe Reader to read it, download it for free here

My online shop to raise money

To raise money for my law suit I have started an online store selling t-shirts, mugs etc.  As you can imagine fighting the bank is going to take a veritable truck load of money - but you gotta have a go; right?  Can't let them get away with fraud; misleading and deceptive conduct etc now       can we?
If you'd prefer to donate money rather than buy something, (I only make about $1.50 on each item) I'd really appreciate it - I'd prefer to sell something but can understand that maybe you don't want to buy what I'm selling and might still like to support my quest.


This photo shows some of the documents relevant to our case - as someone who was once very involved with an environment committee all I can ask is "how many more trees have to die to prove this bank is corrupt?" (oh and the table is really big ... sigh)

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