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Links to different types of information

I am going to try and keep the links grouped so that information is easier to find.  There's legal decisions involving banks, articles and transcripts from tv shows following stories of people who have been ruined by banks, there's banking law, and different sites for help consumers can access.  I will tidy it all up over the coming months and get lots of information linked to make it easier.
For more information try a search for predatory lending and unconscionable lending (add country or state for more specific information)




Senate Banking Inquiry

to view submissions to the Inquiry click here
to view confidential submission #81  (this quote from email I received so you don't think I'm making it up "have spent the last several days trying to get journos to take notice of my censored submission.
the reasons the secretariat have held it in camera? 'intemperate language' and 'serious accusations'. !!!")
My online shop- to get some of the tshirts, mugs etc to show you want the banks held accountable and help me save my bacon :)  these are all my own designs (ok, one for a friend who wanted a particular slogan on his shirt)

Legal stuff you probably should know:

some useful (hopefully) advice & general info

Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman  there's a really interesting case 'Maladministration in Granting Loan' which is relevant to our case - maybe you can find something relevant to you?  Be aware however that in my experience they don't actually do anything to help victims (I could just be overly cynical here though...)

In the news

published news/articles you might find interesting


Predatory lending article  

Sydney Morning Herald  predatory lending article (2007) 


Interesting Stuff

http://www.contractworld.com.au/general/ica-Code-of-Banking-Practice.php    COSBOA submission to Senate inquiry December 2010

http://banks-lie.com     There is an interesting ebook available for free at this site - I'll be following Chris' journey through the courts to see how this turns out for him.


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