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Louises Story

NAB is renowned for fighting their customers to the death.  They and their lawyers at Dibbs Barker, http://www.dibbsbarker.com/, absolutely "annihilate" customers via legal actions.  

At one of the first court hearings the small man from Dibbs Barker told me that even if I repaid the arrears the NAB would still take my home.  He said that they were taking my home regardless.

NAB took everything from me.  I was seriously assaulted resulting in head injuries hence could not work for some time.  I wrote to them giving all details of my injuries and requested a period of time to bring the mortgage up to date.  

The mortgage, for my house on the lower north shore of Sydney had a few hundred thousand dollars in equity so NAB were not at risk, was only about three payments in arrears around $9,500.

NAB did not even bother replying to me, not one reply to my repeat correspondence. They commenced legal proceedings despite their obligation under the hardship clause of the banking code of practice to enable me to bring the mortgage up to date.  But they don't care about regulations, they're the NAB.

My then lawyer failed, despite written notification from me, to file a defence and the NAB got possession.  I then spent over a year in the Supreme Court fighting NAB.  

Every time we went to court the Magistrate would seriously castigate the NAB and its lawyers for their unfair and harsh actions.  One Magistrate even yelled at the lawyer from Dibbs Barker.  He and the other magistrates said very sternly to NAB lawyers that this was "clearly a case of hardship".  But they didn't care, they're the NAB.

I even wrote to the two heads of NAB, Ahmed Fahour Chief Executive, and John Stewart Managing Director, giving them photographs of my injuries which are quite shocking, yet they also never bothered replying.  I confirmed with their personal assistants that they received the two letters I sent them each.

Ahmed Fahour (http://bit.ly/cWAE5s) is now the CEO of Australia Post, was one of the highest paid executives in Australia, earning many millions of dollars, what did he care about a customer who was seriously assaulted?!  Just take her house, they're the NAB.

I had brought the mortgage up to date and even into advance during these legal proceedings yet NAB were adamant about taking my home.  I must have been the only person in the Supreme Court fighting to keep my home with a mortgage that was in advance. It was almost funny.  

I lost everything due to the NAB and my life will never be the same.  It is extremely difficult for me to even continue after losing everything. I'm not sure it's even worth it.  

There are hundreds more people just like me who NAB have destroyed.

Thanks NAB.  

Australian banks are obliged to work in accordance to the Code of Banking Practice which requires it to “work with its loan customers who are in financial difficulty”. The NAB website states that it is a “strong supporter of the Code and considers the revised Code to be an important outcome for the banking industry and NAB customers across Australia”.  

The NAB, under the Code of Banking Practice, states that it “acknowledges all complaints within 24 hours” and states that its’ key benefits include “Obligations regarding feedback, chargebacks, dealing with customers infinancial difficulty, provision of credit, joint debtors and debt collection”.

How can this happen in Australia?

What can you do about it?

I chose not to publish Louises full name but would like you to know that she also provided supporting documentation.
I find this story totally unbelievable, how can this happen in Australia when we keep being assured that we are well protected and that the law serves us well?  This is unacceptable, if you're offended by what Louise went through, get in touch with your local Member of Parliament and demand that the Government stops letting the banks get away with such an abuse of the legal system.  Let's change the system; lets make the banks accountable for their actions.

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