I think the National Australia Bank sucks

"True obscenity is to know the truth and deny it" -Santayana

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There is right and there is wrong

On the following pages are stories from real people in their own words.  Everybody reading these should really reconsider just how safe they are from banks.
We need to fight back, banks are getting away with seizing properties they have no right to and they are abusing the laws meant to protect us from them.  It is time to send a message and the message is 'enough is enough'
All the stories have been written by real people in their own words - if you're offended by their language or tone please keep in mind that they, like me, have had their life destroyed by this bank for no other reason than they could.

I am not alone

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that I am not the only person who has been financially and personally destroyed by the National Australia Bank.  I know that unless things change, I will not be the last.
I would like others who have been victimized by the National Australia Bank to add their stories to mine so that finally the powers that be can see that as much as the bank says it was in the right and always acted within the law; that this is just weaselwords.
I know I am asking a lot - it isn't easy to lay your life bare online and let people speculate as to whether or not you were really stupid; but unless we speak up the bank will always win.