I think the National Australia Bank sucks

"True obscenity is to know the truth and deny it" -Santayana

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So now I'm doing You Tube videos as well


  My Daily Prayer

I'm having a really hard time at the moment with all the changes in my life but what disturbs me most is that I have gone from being a happy, outgoing and trusting person into this sad sack who has a hard time getting out of bed.  I have always had faith in a higher power and I have always trusted that everything will be ok but I am worried about how much hate a single human being can contain.  So instead of just praying and bothering God on my own I thought it might be good to share my current daily prayer.  Hopefully this will have the desired effect and I can once again look on the bright side of life and be a productive member of the human race. And start bothering God with the big picture questions :)
There are more videos up, I made them simply because I'm just so tired of telling everybody what I'm thinking about this case all the time and just how wrong this support system the bank has in place is.  Hopefully this will get it all out of my soul and I can get back to having normal conversations with my family, friends and strangers.